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What We’re All About

What started out as a hobby for me several years ago, even before the show Forged In Fire, just kept growing.  As Forged in Fire became more popular, the tools I needed to build a good knife became hard to get.  So what does a man do, he builds his own!  I built my gas-fired forge several years ago, then built  my own power hammer, and followed that with all of my belt grinders.  All of that was just part of the fun because I enjoy "building something".  It's amazing what parts you can find these days to complete just about any project you decide to pursue!

I began using whatever "good used steel" I could find, anything that could be hardened and sharpened to a fine edge. That's where the name "2nd Hand Steel" comes from. Everything starts in life as something, after I get ahold of it I turn it into something I want it to become - a knife, an ax, or a decoration, whatever my imagination and skills will allow. 

A lot has changed since I started.  I've learned some things, some the hard way (like the proper way to polish a blade - there's a story behind that) and others by asking questions of folks eager to help!  When I'm in the shop looking at a piece of steel with nothing more than an idea in my head,  after a few hours I can amaze myself  when I put my mind to it.  I like to think of my work as "therapy!"

Dave Hesterman


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